Monday, November 3, 2014

19th Annual FineArt Auction 11/8/2014

I'm very pleased, honored and humbled to have been given such a great opportunity to show 3 of my paintings at the FineArt auction this year. I'd love to share the inspiration behind this painting with you since it has been a bittersweet challenge and experience.

I started working on this painting with a broken heart after I have suffered two losses in my family within a month in Sept 2013. It was the most difficult time for me as my family have always been my closest loved ones. I was flooded with sorrow but I also believe that "time heals all wounds". So I held back my tears, channelled my grief into strength and focused to paint, paint and paint. Art does indeed have the power to heal and painting is the best cure for sadness. I'd like to send you a personal invitation to the auction and share this painting of mine created with mixed emotions.

My sincere thank to Dr. Elisa Stephens, Dr. Craig NelsonCarolyn MeyerSherrie H. Sinclair, Melissa Marshall, Chuck Pyle, Tomutsu Takishima, ZhaoMing Wu, Henry Yan, Carol Nunnelly, all FineArt faulty and my friends&family for their support.

Nov 8th 2-4PM at The Cannery, 2801 Leavenworth St, SF 94109